Thursday, July 29, 2021

Density and intensity of aspiration

Be a voluntary optimist midst all apparent gloom, incapacity, and impossibility. Not to indulge in sulking about imperfections or endlessly complain about physical facilities. #TheMother recommended work not to forget grief like alcohol but for allowing moments of transcendence.

Density of aspiration is crucial; intensity is another stipulation. There must be intensity, eagerness, and zeal but how much? Going beyond a certain limit would mean lower forces taking over. Thus, arriving at that right balance where a medicine turns a poison also applies here.

That´s a much higher state like Kshara, Akshara, and then Purushottama as #SriAurobindo famously explains. I was referring to our ordinary feelings of a better life, a better society, or a better govt which are intrinsically Evolutionary in nature. Hence, aspiration comes first.

There are attempts now to suppress diverse religious sentiments prevailing in Odisha by imposing one humongous icon owing to commercial and other motives. Let´s hope this doesn´t succeed.

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