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Savitri Era draws the best of both schools


Savitri Era
India can't be compared to other countries. No one understands the pulse of the people more than a RSS pracharak. Modi adopted many unfair means to be elected as party chief and then PM but he can't be a Fascist. He has also seen the Emergency. He should be praised for moderation

Someone has said something; it's not self-evident truth. Somebody has written something; it's not self-evident truth. Something is written in Sanskrit or some ancient language; it's not self-evident truth. Even, #SriAurobindo has written many things; it's not self-evident truth.

#SriAurobindo can be said to have drawn the broad strokes and the times he lived was entirely different. Much of his views on Nationalism during the colonial period is less relevant now. Economic issues can´t ride on theory alone but rather evolve organically by ground realities.

Google search doesn't show many good sites relating to #TheMother & #SriAurobindo. For information on books by disciples at a glance, this nested portal is invaluable. motherandsriaurobindo.in/#_StaticConten

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo came from very different backgrounds but when they met for the first time on March 29, 1914 in Puducherry, there was a unity of purpose; a single determination. This is something rare in the human history the significance of which has not been evaluated
Each person has his own conception of Dana, Dharma, Karma, and Punya which he imbibes from the tradition. But #SriAurobindo's salience lies in cutting the clutter and reinventing received wisdom on the anvil of Vedic proclamations.This is a significant divergence of #IntegralYoga
I know, its all inspired; still some feedback. For easy reading, ornamental format may be avoided as the vocabulary is already too flowery. You can reconsider using #TheMother ś symbol also. #SriAurobindo

There are only a handful of disciples who actually studied philosophy in the University. Anilbaran Roy, Sisir Kumar Maitra, Haridas Chaudhuri, Prapatti, and V. Madhusudan Reddy. There may be some others and, obviously, their understanding of #SriAurobindo is much more richer.

In West Bengal, I was trying to speak in Bengali and the shopkeeper asked, "You are Bengali or non-Bengali? " In most States, this has become a permanent political division irrespective of other issues or ideologies. Influx of outsiders who reap economic benefits and rip language pic.twitter.com/nxri2EsKCD

When Georges Van Vrekhem wrote Beyond Man it created a flutter; Bhakti, mysticism, and birth of a cult. So the other extreme had to be found. Peter Heehs wrote Lives of Sri Aurobindo; intellectual and cold. amazon.in/Beyond-Man-Lif #TheMother #SriAurobindo #SriAurobindo #TheMother

Most people are not aware of #SriAurobindo. So knowing about him and developing some appreciation and admiration is important. Each one will reach him in his unique way. Which book to read will also be different for each person. Singing #TheMother's prayers is also another avenue

Many things in life are repetitive or cyclic but still a hope for something new always lingers. This intrinsic quality traces back to a subtle urge for immortality. The Veda theorised it first. Freud spoke about it in different terminology. #SriAurobindo gave Evolutionary meaning

Replying to
Thanks for the words of encouragement and appreciation. People have forgotten #SriAurobindo and we must all try to bring him back to common discourse.

Poblem with Marxists is that they look at problems from the external point of view and as specifics. #SriAurobindo trains to perceive events from a wider perspective and evaluate things on the basis of long-term repercussions. Apparent good or bad may not be the right indicator.

I studied in the Odia medium in my village school where I was a teacher later for a year. Have lived in Delhi/NCR for over thirty years but speaking Hindi is faulty (gender problem). Can't speak English fluently but can manage Bengali to an extent. Odia at home has turned pidgin.

Western music is not my cup of tea. I enjoy the melody of old Hindi songs but don't understand the lyrics fully. Thus there's a gap in appreciation. So I listen to Odia songs which I understand intimately. Nowadays they mix Hindi & English. Old Bengali songs are also my favorite. pic.twitter.com/iZqtqkX24I

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