Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Creativity, community, conversation

[Historically we are at a point where information is so rapidly and easily exchanged that artists can no longer afford not to speak for themselves, and students, educators, and critics of the music can't afford not to listen. The field is so exceedingly diverse and the technology is so exceedingly simple to make the kind of idea-sharing and community building that's only been dreamed of in the past a definite and immediate reality. -- WHY WRITE? Posted by Kris Tiner at 2:57 PM Labels: , 4 comments: 8:38 AM]
Where are the artists and architects, actors and dancers, musicians and photographers belonging to the Savitri Era fraternity? Where is the dialogue? Where is the community? Surely, we are busy pushing the frontiers of art and creativity; must spare some time for conversation, nonetheless. [TNM]

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