Monday, January 07, 2008

Transforming our racial or rational temperaments

[Crucial here is James’ sense of how what he calls “emotions” are visceral before they are mental: my stomach doesn’t start churning because I feel afraid; rather, I feel afraid because my stomach has started churning...The Head Trip; consciousness and affect from The Pinocchio Theory by Steven Shaviro] 9:35 AM
[Both the Romantic movement and organized religion have contributed a great deal to the arts and to the spirituality of the Western mind, but they share a hostility to modernity... Blind Faiths By AYAAN HIRSI ALI The New York Times: January 6, 2008] 9:16 AM
The Science of Living by The Mother emphasises the fact that it is possible to live in a progressively higher consciousness, thereby transforming our racial or rational temperaments. [TNM] 8:47 AM 9:05 AM

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