Monday, January 21, 2008

Weeds and cobwebs; Wiki and Diwali

One person who alone symbolizes the spirit of new India is Sam Pitroda. It is a matter of great disquiet that his ideas at the National Knowledge Commission are being resisted [8:52 AM]. Kaushik Basu points out that the Industrial Disputes Act “is hurting workers” and urgent reforms are necessary [9:13 AM]. But the Government at the Centre seems to be in limbo thanks to the Left physicians.

All our laws including the Constitution need to be rewritten. In the age of Internet this can be done by grassroots participation in the Wiki model. All corporate bodies, similarly, should throw open their manuals of rules and regulations for public scrutiny and suggestions. Weeding out outmoded installations and removing cobwebs should be an annual feature in the Diwali spirit. Let it be institutionalized by celebrating a particular day of the year. [TNM]

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