Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Vedic symbolism of the struggle between Death and Immortality

[If on the other hand this is a symbolism of the struggle between spiritual powers of Light and Darkness, Truth and Falsehood, Knowledge and Ignorance, Death and Immortality, then that is the real sense of the whole Veda...
Our object is only to see whether there is a prima facie case for the idea with which we started that the Vedic hymns are the symbolic gospel of the ancient Indian mystics and their sense spiritual and psychological. Such a prima facie case we have established; for there is already sufficient ground for seriously approaching the Veda from this standpoint and interpreting it in detail as such a lyric symbolism. -- Location: Home > E-Library > Works Of Sri Aurobindo > The Secret Of The Veda Volume-10 > Summary Of Conclusions]
That the Veda is poetry as well as philosophy has been proved by Sri Aurobindo beyond any dispute. To read it on the same footing without harboring inhibitions of rupturing a scripture is the most prudent approach to profit by it. [TNM]

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