Friday, January 18, 2008

Humility, not hubris

It is abominable to see Gautam Adhikari rush in to educate the readers, of the difference between “leader articles” and “editorials” so condescendingly, and then go on to threaten, “you don’t have to buy the Times of India if you find it a repulsive banana newspaper, whatever that means. Just don’t try to intimidate us by ridicule or threats.” This is insolence and hubris of the worst kind. He seems to be oblivious of the notion that both producers and consumers are stakeholders.

Newspapers are one of the most prominent blessings of modernity, and each country has created a few favourites. The role of Gautam Adhikari is nothing but a speck in the 170 years’ history of the Times of India. His name indicates that he is eminently entitled to be pervaded by light and knowledge. Fine, but why should humility is a casualty? [TNM] 2:30 PM 5:07 PM

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