Friday, January 11, 2008

The sun has not only set on the British Empire but the lights have gone out as well

[NEW DELHI: President Pratibha Patil on Wednesday endorsed the UPA government's description of India as the world's "fastest growing free market democracy" as she urged the diaspora to contribute in their homeland's development and invest in its human capital. The description from the President came at the valedictory of Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas meet, and only days after Supreme Court refused to entertain a suggestion (in a PIL) seeking deletion of the word "socialist" from the Constitution, inserted through 42nd amendment. -- President Patil endorses 'free market' stand The Times of India 10 Jan 2008, 0134 hrs IST, Ashish Sinha]
[The disposal of Jaguar and Land Rover by Ford is just another sign that the sun has not only set on the British Empire but the lights have gone out as well. Ford may have been an American multinational company, but its long history and substantial presence here always made it feel as though the two charismatic brands had stayed within our grasp. But Ford’s hopeless inability to manage Jaguar, in particular, has served to underline that the world is looking to the East for its salvation. Tata could be a prime player in the British luxury car market, if it gets hold of Jaguar and Land Rover. At least under Ford the two Midlands-based companies could be promised an interchange of high-technology, design ideas and talent with their parent business. -- Kevin Eason From The Times January 11, 2008 Ambitious Tata has designs on famous British names Home]
[The British Empire no longer exists. Learn to live with it and quit whining. The UK is a lapdog of the USA, and will be insignificant in the world compared to China and India in a few decades. All good things must end, my friend, and world domination for you has ENDED. -- Isiah, Washington, DC, USA]
[The key link is between freedom of movement/labor and globalization. I have more study to do (a lot) in behavioral economics & game theory – though I do know that game theory gels well with evolutionary theory/psychology, see Nonzero by Bob Wright on the subject, also an Obama supporter interestingly.
Movement of people and labor in a globalized world also means movement of religion, cultures, languages (some dying, others hybridized), which links with Obama’s biography but also his sense about culture, race, and the need for discourse – from the “evil” Republicans to the “evil” Iranians. --
Left-Libertarian from Indistinct Union by cjsmith]
Demographics and economy is forcing fast changes in the geo-political equations. A large reservoir of social capital is the only bulwark that would help sustain the growth momentum. Practice of Integral Yoga, to a large extent, is ethics. No wonder, Sri Aurobindo put it pithily, “All life is yoga.” [TNM]

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