Friday, January 02, 2009

The "doctrinal uniformity" that was forged on March 29, 1914

[Aurobindonians in the twenty-first century are experiencing a need for doctrinal uniformity (for instance, unanimity on a particular conception of Avatarhood, which does not even agree very well with Sri Aurobindo's own statements on the subject) and suppression of differing views. This resembles the need for religious uniformity felt by Christians in the sixteenth century and earlier which gave rise to the infamous inquisitions. Parallels with other religions such as Islam could equally be made. But then what becomes of the claim that what is practised in the name of Sri Aurobindo is not a religion? Reply Re: An examination of the criticism against The Lives of Sri Aurobindo by Larry Seidlitz
by Angiras on Thu 01 Jan 2009 05:03 AM PST
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At Savitri Era, we hate to escape by leaving question marks. A time will come when even the most unwilling will be forced to see the "doctrinal uniformity" that was forged on March 29, 1914. [TNM]

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