Thursday, January 29, 2009

The greatest fraud perpetrated on the mankind ever

For over a year we witnessed a mass hysteria gripping a huge population across the globe who came to believe that a flesh and blood human being called Obama can bring redemption. The issues at hand dwarfed before the man. It was absurd and clearly the hope was untenable. The tragic part of the whole hype was that a considerable number of leaders of thought joined this campaign to delude themselves as well as others. All sorts of theoretical devices and persuading tools encompassing all media were employed to commit this deceit. This can as well be described as the greatest fraud perpetrated on the mankind ever.

The most significant question that emerges from this sad episode is that how misleading many academicians can be. This poses grave dangers for the society and its future especially when they act in unison to sway public opinion. Expecting good things is one thing, but to hope to see them by waving of someone’s magic wand is illusory. Human nature is too complex and mechanical to be amenable to such overnight miracles. The prescriptions of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, on the other hand, offer a more pragmatic approach as to what, how, and where the changes can be ushered in. [TNM] 8:08 PM 10:17 AM

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