Friday, January 09, 2009

Ours is a yoga of Knowledge

[Re: The Incorrigible Dr. Berlinski
by koantum on Thu 08 Jan 2009 07:48 PM PST
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I welcome any criticism of materialistic thought, no matter from which quarter it comes. And Berlinski (a Jew) is perhaps the most intelligent critique of the materialistic "theory" of evolution. Would Sri Aurobindo say that the universe was intelligently designed? Of course he would...I took a look at but I'm afraid that much of what I wrote in my review of Kauffman's book would apply to some of this material as well. Reply]

[Re: Some Traditions Associated with the Five Elements of Matter
by RY Deshpande on Fri 09 Jan 2009 06:07 AM IST
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No, my book doesn't have a reference to Blavatsy's Secret Doctrine, though I'm aware of it. She also talks about chemistry in great detail, of course in an occult way. It kind of looks scary to me. I'd prefer to be somewhat cautious about these matters. ~ RYD Reply]

[Ours is a yoga of Knowledge. Read her books and make up your own minds. You can begin with her article, India’s 9/11 becomes 26/11. In this four part analysis, Thea reveals the fulfillment of Sri Aurobindo’s work and mission and his realization of Immortality on the date announced some 82 years ago as Immortality Day... In the Service of Truth, Robert E. Wilkinson date 1 Jan 2009 2:08 PM]

2009, and it is difficult to elicit any firm approach from the cited expert opinions. [TNM]

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