Thursday, January 01, 2009

Purity is the cornerstone of our core competence

[You must keep the temple clean if you wish to install there a living Presence... Do not imagine that truth and falsehood, light and darkness, surrender and selfishness can be allowed to dwell together in the house consecrated to the Divine. --The Mother by Sri Aurobindo]

Purity is the cornerstone of our core competence, and hence the challenge to come clean and eschew any conspiracy of silence. [TNM]

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  1. Words of Sri Aurobindo from The Mother followed by your call is very urgent at the present moment but he said elsewhere that we have to do sadhana at the same time evern before cleansing entirely for it can not wait till it is fully clean and the light from above will also help on the way. In any way, a clean temple is a must. Thanks for the New Year call-