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[larvalsubjects Says: January 26, 2009 at 2:10 am
In a rather ridiculous moment, someone suggested that speculative theory was somehow responsible for the holocaust, the atrocities of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Stalin, etc; claiming that the speculative realists and object-oriented philosophers might become guilty of these things in the future. In a way I somewhat agree with the thesis that a certain form of theorizing played a role in these things, but these things were products of this sort of essentialist thinking that failed to analyze the unique organization of various social assemblages logoi, instead assuming the existence of a social essence (logos) across all social assemblages.]

[Structuralism and finitude
from The Joyful Knowing by Mike Johnduff
A good understanding of structuralism is something I think we are regaining in the United States, after our flings with certain "post-structuralist" modes of understanding things: there is a return to structuralism that is going on. That is, unless it is a discovery of structuralism, a return to something that was never really understood well in the first place.]

[Re: Religious Nationalism and Transnationalism in a Global World by Mark Juergensmeyer Debashish
Sun 25 Jan 2009 04:17 PM PST: I must admit that I cannot share your optimism... contemporary crisis in world history and the urgency of human participation in consciousness towards its solution... All we can see is "a play of forces" and our part in it, a part we must play by discerning the trajectories of these forces.]

Sane theorizing remains the sole potential savior and hence it is imperative to return to sources of wisdom instead of turning up noses. [TNM]

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