Monday, January 12, 2009

Pole star and hyperbole

[Raju confesses: Why and how of the Satyam con
Since about seven years, we wanted to show more income in the account to avoid others from involving in company affairs and any other possible hostile takeover situation, and hence, manipulated the balance sheet to attract more business and show unavailable amount as available cash in hand.
This process continued for the last seven years and margin amount shown got increased much more year after year. Moneycontrol » News » Business]

[Somewhere or other, if memory serves me correctly, Whitehead remarks that philosophies do not fail by dint of being false but by virtue of hyperbole. That is, they raise one principle to the principle of everything, effectively erasing the rest. Kant gets something right but then shackles all of being to mind. Object-ions from Larval Subjects]

[The problem is that if everything is nature, then "nature" becomes meaningless. The more a term denotes, the less it connotes. If it denotes everything, it connotes nothing.
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A Pole star as a dependable indicator for navigation is a sine qua non today to act as an antidote against hyperbole. [TNM]

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