Friday, January 16, 2009

Something that comes close to implicating us all

[Individuals have to bear responsibility. But equally, those individuals are also mirrors to what society values and permits; Raju’s tragedy is not simply that he lied; it is that in doing so he has exposed several of the lies we are living. Indian Express > Edits & Columns > Thursday , 15 January '09
But there is something deeper in the sense of regret; something that comes close to implicating us all. While in no way taking away from the enormity of the crimes that have been committed, there is a sense in which Raju is seen by many as a victim of the system, a system that raises serious questions about the pattern of our economic growth.
The truth in the mirror Raju’s fall reveals the dangers of our willingness to suspend disbelief about success. Pratap Bhanu Mehta The writer is president, Centre for Policy Research, Delhi]

A bailout package may salvage Satyam, but not its reputation. Similarly, the erosion of trust that the Ashram has suffered by Heehs' book can never be restored. [TNM]

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