Friday, May 01, 2009

Angiras is patently partisan. May Kepler deliver

[What should have been an occasion for the IY community to review not only its goals and aspirations but also its means and methods to arrive at the great change has been unfortunately turned into a means to divide and slander at each other... But the moment one allows distortions to creep in under the guise of interpretations, the whole problem starts and there are various schools and sects and religions springing out of the parent body of the one Truth. May be this is to happen. Alright but let the Ashram remain true to the central Teaching and not fiddle with it, in principle at least...

So also the right place for such a thing as Peter is doing is not the Ashram or the Archives but a center for academic (read psychoanalytic research). And there are many places and even forums like that which not only accept but welcome such things. Rest assured none of us goes there either to do moral policing or issues fatwa against them. We are simply trying to set our own house in order against a seeming intruder who has poses as an inmate but tries to strike at the very foundations of the house where he dwells and bite the hand that feeds him and does it by winning the full trust and confidence of the other members of the same house... Others like DK Roy and Barin da, both otherwise close to Sri Aurobindo had the courtesy to gracefully leave the place over some fundamental difference of faith and approach to yoga. So did a few others leave or were sent away... It is sheer decency that if you cannot conform to the ethos of an institution you move out of it...

What else can one say but that there seems to be a spell at work that is making us blind to something so straight and simple and instead dragging the whole thing into twisted lanes and by-lanes of endless debates, accuses and abuses. Or may be Peter is just a tendency and those who support him are simply justifying their own tendency to be critical of Sri Aurobindo and his work... In Her Service
alok, date 19 Apr 2009 subject Fwd: Response to IYF
6:17 PM]

Alok Pandey fails to convince despite his wizardry with copious verbiage. The fact of the matter is that the issue at hand is not "something so straight and simple" as he opts to portray. Incapability to see the diverse dimensions and deliberately eclipsing the adverse allegations are the two most vital vices responsible for exasperating this imbroglio. An honest analysis in precise language can go a long way in diffusing the crisis. Angiras, unfortunately, “is” patently partisan. May Kepler deliver. [TNM]

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