Monday, May 25, 2009

Unprecedented vote buying, liquor distribution, & intense caste polarization

[He added, “The perception is widespread that the year 2014 belongs to the Lok Satta, not because it is powerful but because it is articulating people’s aspirations, and emerged as on authentic platform for citizen’s Political parties participation”.
Dr. JP said the 2009 elections were marked by unprecedented vote buying, liquor distribution on a large scale, intense caste polarization and the vicious propaganda that a vote to an ethical party like the Lok Satta would be a wasted vote.” Yet the people by and large displayed extraordinary maturity by not succumbing to caste Talibans, lucrative and irresistible freebies and money and liquor.
Let us restore dignity in politics: Dr. JP
from Jayaprakash Narayan's Blog by JP]

Dr. JP's perception that "an ethical party like the Lok Satta" can prevent "caste polarization" is far fetched. Politics, an aspirational attribute, whips up the irrational facets in people who, in turn, flock for charisma, religion, or a like preference. [TNM]

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