Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Myths about Indian readers

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I believe this is the style and tone the author has kept throughout the book although a little too critical at places... If the question is about publishing the book in India then naturally the readership there ought to be kept in mind. Thanks to the Tapasya of the ancients, in India the urge and orientation towards spirituality and mysticism is latent and needs little prompting to surface and manifest itself... The Indian reader tacitly, by default, accepts the validity of these experiences. There is also that part of the reader-spectrum that considers it outrageous to even raise the question on the validity of the experiences. In fact we have seen such responses... While the Western psychologist’s skepticism is answered by the book by affirming their (visions etc) validity, it could have just the opposite effect here - a doubt cast in the minds of the Indian readers. If the publication of the book in America is supported by virtue of the readership it appeals to, then by the same yardstick (its appeal and applicability to the Indian readership) it would very likely fail and have a negative impact in India... It would therefore be within safe-harbor to withhold its publication in India or put it in abeyance.]

India today is too vast and diverse a nation to be squeezed into such a narrow and narcissistic notion. [TNM]

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