Sunday, May 24, 2009

Deepak is incapable of bringing light to the world

[Mind set: Why power is sacred
Times of India - 24 May 2009, 0800 hrs IST, Deepak Chopra
Organized religion steadily declines – this is a trend that embraces every developed country. To fill the void, secular spirituality arose outside the church and synagogue. Millions of people accept the validity of following a spiritual path without dogma, priests, rules and the absolute authority of scripture. What does this have to do with India? First, those millions of seekers almost all look to India's spiritual traditions for enlightenment. Second, India herself almost totally ignores this legacy so far as public policy and attitudes go. Third, the religious divisions within India — and with Pakistan across the border — are a flat contradiction of a spiritual legacy... India has the right and obligation to lead, because consciousness is our culture's unique specialty. It is also our culture's common thread over centuries of conquest and constant change. In short, sacred power is the next step that comes after India's founding idea. If the country can demonstrate that little brown people are capable of bringing light to the world, think what that would mean for the greater common good.]

Deepak Chopra has been instrumental in spreading the timeless Indian wisdom in the West for quite some time. But the hitch is that he thought he could do it on his own, through his well cultivated brand. Had he collaborated with The Mother & Sri Aurobindo the outcome of his endeavor would have been considerable. Without Their force his message is mere hollow verbiage. [TNM]

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  1. i agree with the words written about Deepak Chopra..
    He colobrated with TM Guru Mahesh Yogi..
    No Doubt Collobration with The Mothers Force
    would had yeiled different Impact...
    but he had to desolve his Ego..which he cannot..