Thursday, May 21, 2009

Savitri Era (centre-right) Party

TOI 21 May 2009, 0010 hrs IST
To get back on its feet, the party must capture the centre-right space... box. If identity
politics has played itself out by now, how can the BJP reorient itself? It could do so by identifying and filling a gaping lacuna in Indian politics, the lack of a centre-right party which speaks the language of reform and harnesses globalisation to expand the middle class. That would be incompatible with a Hindu Rashtra plank, but Hindu Rashtra could be substituted with a strong nationalist appeal which would have greater resonance across the country. If that requires the BJP to cut its ties with the far right, it should do so with the intention of occupying a moderate conservative space.]

Savitri Era Party is angling precisely for the space outlined by The Times of India edit today. [TNM]


  1. If this is the case, then Savitri Era Party is uniquely suited to play a strong leadership role in resolving this Heehs controversy. Under your able leadership, Savitri Erans should organize a march on the Ashram to highlight the issue.

  2. You are right. But how can there be a march by Anonymous entities? [TNM]