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In praise of fundamentalism

[Re: Many Laughs—Humor by Anonymous Mirror of Tomorrow by Kepler on Wed 29 Apr 2009 09:28 PM IST Profile Permanent Link Supriyo, If you are new to Sri Aurobindo, I would personally suggest that none of those biographies are the right place to turn. Sri Aurobindo's own writings are the right source - some of the compilations from his letters on yoga (e.g. Bases of Yoga), and his small book "The Mother" are among the best starting points.]

[Re: Indus Script does Encode a Language—by A Srivathsan and TS Subramanian Mirror of Tomorrow
RY Deshpande on Wed 06 May 2009 04:10 AM IST
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The menace of the fundamentalists is never a fiction. But one fundamentalism cannot be fought by using another fundamentalism. As far as an individual is concerned, it is only by rising to a higher plane of harmony that one can make genuine progress. Perhaps there is no other solution. When one has risen to that higher plane, an action in its truth-law could remove ill-will and hatred. A higher poise is the condition for the Gita's action in dharma, kashatrateja founded on brahmateja. A long way for us to tread. ~ RYD Reply]

No amount of words is enough to express gratitude to the slim little book Jogadhar (Bases of Yoga) for being a reliable companion and guide throughout the tumultuous college days. If such a foundational manual subsequently uncorks or earns one the sobriquet, fundamentalism, so much the better. [TNM] [I owe it to Manibhai's razor honed Upon Alan's anvil Aurobindian fundamentalism]

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