Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A puppet Prime Minister is a body blow to the Indian democracy

Sonia Gandhi announced the name of Dr. Manmohan Singh as the next Prime Minister to the media before he was elected the leader of the Congress Parliamentary Party. This imperial style is against the letter and spirit of Indian Constitution. Neither Congress nor the UPA has the full mandate to form the Government. A puppet Prime Minister, besides, is a body blow to the Indian democracy. Savitri Era Party calls upon people to open their eyes to the illegitimacy of this quasi-colonial dispensation. [TNM]


  1. Dr manmohan singh is the most honest,sincere,
    and BESt person to lead the Country...
    so i feel your comments of him as a puppet Primeminister are not the Right views on this Historical turing point of history....for zindia
    India will ussher ain a New Age under the leadership of Dr Manmohan Singh.

  2. The point is Sonia Gandhi is the leader and not Dr Manmohan Singh. [TNM]

  3. All that is done in the Universe It is Divine through His Shakti is behind all action...but He is veiled by His YogaMaya and acts throgh the Ego of the Jiva in the lower Nature....
    Don~t you see that It is Her Will that God has given the Power to Dr Manmohan singh to Act in the Right Spirit....though He has made Soniya the means(Power) to fecilitate Dr Manmohan singh..

  4. I guess my criticism too falls within "All that is done in the Universe." [TNM]

  5. Your criticism is not full and final.