Sunday, May 24, 2009

Because Sri Aurobindo is so satisfying

[No need for support of other's convictions
"The Mother’s Agenda: September 7, 1963

I happened to have some philosophical curiosity and to study all kinds of problems, and I came upon Sri Aurobindo’s teaching, and what he “taught”... is by far, among the systems men have formulated, the most satisfying for me, the most complete, and what answers the most satisfactorily all the questions that can be asked; it is the one that helps me the most in life to have the feeling that ‘life is worth living.’ Consequently, I try to conform entirely to his teaching and to live it integrally in order to live as best I can.... I don’t mind at all if others don’t believe in it – whether they believe in it or not is all the same to me; I don’t need the support of others’ conviction, it’s enough if I am myself satisfied."
Precisely because Sri Aurobindo is so satisfying, the danger that his followers or devotees become religious fanatics is great, and so is the danger posed by religious fanatics among Sri Aurobindo's followers or devotees.]

Alyque Padamsee once said something to the effect that how can you advertise a bra without being shown to wear it. If "Sri Aurobindo is so satisfying" what's the need to hide it and not talking about it? [TNM]

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  1. Sri Auronindo the Supereme Master...
    revealed the Perfect Way to humanity...
    the Integral Yoga.....