Thursday, August 14, 2014

ARYA was unfurled on August 15, 1914

The ARYA was unfurled on August 15, 1914 in Puducherry by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo to give the world a new direction, new message of hope.
As more and more people come under the influence of Savitri Era Religion, the whole world will move towards Harmony & Supramental Evolution.
Human life and society is all about right education and India hasn't produced better teachers than The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. #FiveDreams
Many find fault with wrongs done in the past but with Sri Aurobindo, it's the Evolutionary force which is leading us to a brighter future.
Spirituality and Yoga come later; getting oriented to Modernity and Human Rights are the preliminary lessons by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.
No one can escape cultural inheritance but by reading The Mother & Sri Aurobindo remoulding the personality and thinking can be facilitated.
The way Marxists have defended Modernity is praiseworthy but their opposition toward Sri Aurobindo is symptomatic of intellectual bankruptcy.
Southerners should be proud of the fact that Sri Aurobindo's speech was broadcast over AIR, Tiruchirapalli in the evening of August 14, 1947.
By ignoring Sri Aurobindo, both Congress & RSS have created two unbridgeable ideologies in the country which are total failures. #FiveDreams
Humanities cover a vast spectrum and lack of college education is making people ignorant about these. Reading Sri Aurobindo can compensate.
Celebrity endorsement has atrophied thinking and spawned fanaticism. Sri Aurobindo can rescue our mind from inertia and make fit for growth.
Social structure is more important than who's in Power. Supporting Market, Modernity, English & #FiveDreams of Sri Aurobindo is a great duty.
Modernity is far away from Indian society and fresh attempts to subvert it further is gaining momentum. Sri Aurobindo shows the right path.
Suspect all those who are peddling Mythology & Monarchy in the guise of Development. Sri Aurobindo empowers to fight for Modernity & Market.
Follow The Mother & Sri Aurobindo and say yes to Freedom and Modernity by opposing Mythology, rituals, miracles, Monarchy, and Marxism etc.
Stop extolling rule of Kings or such a model in Democratic facade. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have ushered in Unity, Mutuality, and Harmony.
Mythology and Monarchy has kept Indians subjugated for ages. Reclaim your freedom for Self-assertion through Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo.
Religious rituals were for keeping the subjects loyal to Royalty while in Modern age the focus, as per Sri Aurobindo, is on Self-discovery.
What were considered good for India during long periods of multiple Monarchies are obsolete in Democratic milieu. Savitri Era is the future.
Respect for rock-edicts and palm-leaf manuscripts is fine but don't miss the Collected Works of Sri Aurobindo online.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's massive contribution to Consciousness Studies is a landmark in the realm of Philosophy, Biology & Neuroscience.
Sri Aurobindo's vision of future Evolution has no democratic, majority-backup at present. It's for the discerning to follow his lead & move.
Don't invest your future in the past. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have enunciated a harmonious course for humanity transcending nationality.
Evolutionary fight against old ideas & religions is on. Younger generation must launch crusade against Mythology, miracles, & superstitions.
What India needs today is a firm and futuristic ideology like Sri Aurobindo's Judeo-Vedic Evolutionary Dialectic and #FiveDreams Manifesto.

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