Monday, August 04, 2014

Sri Aurobindo conceived the future on an enlightened scale

The 15 people who have become the Prime Minister of India represent diverse backgrounds and characters. Without going into how certain cercumstances were responsible for their occupying the office, it's an interesting study to look at them as mere individuals who made history in their own right while on the job. Their claim to greatness or otherwise was thrown by their evolution through holding office and response to unique opportunities and crises. Needless to mention that what is ordinarily seen as their personal acheivement actually ensues from the genius of countless agencies that remain faceless and hence unsung.

Be it the individualism of Emerson or Nietzsche or the Vedic taxonomy of four Varnas as popularised by Sri Aurobindo, from whichever angle we judge these 15 persons, the Kshatriya aspect is found missing in all of them. Impaired mandate and Party stipulations are surely major barriers but the overall thrust of personality exhibiting a heroic stance has never been a priority. Gandhian simplicity and nonviolence rhetoric has been a dampner for a whole generation of politicians. (The present RSS model also borders on asceticism.)

Sri Aurobindo conceived the future of India on a much more enlightened scale where Wisdom, Power, Harmony, and Service are integrated. We have been prisoners of either wrong stereotypes of the past or the false dreams spread by the West. Sri Aurobindo has painstakingly constructed the right paradigm for the future citizens of the country. Politics and Economics, Ethics and Aesthetics, Sri Aurobindo guides us nicely in every domain of life and action. Besides, to be in consonance with the demands of Evolution is the most crucial aspect of his teaching. Now that Indians are fervently searching for the right path, Sri Aurobindo is right here with his works available freely online. [TNM55]

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