Sunday, August 10, 2014

Savitri Era Party tweets against Mythology

Media attention mostly restricted to Auroville & Ashram visit in Puducherry. Rarely anyone talks about Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy or Poetry.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo visualize advent of Harmony transcending race, religion or nationality and assure its Evolutionary inevitability.
Elevating the individual as key to Evolution, Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga steers clear of relying upon Mythology, miracles, and rituals.
Sri Aurobindo deciphered the true import of Vedic terminology so that nomenclature of the Deities turn a coherent indicator of Yogic pathway.
As we approach 100 years of Arya on August 15, 2014, the words of Sri Aurobindo become ever more relevant for human unity and world peace.
The concept of Development for Sri Aurobindo amounts to individual perfection leading to Supermind and physical Immortality on Vedic lines.
Sri Aurobindo, who understood India and the West equally well, has left behind encyclopedic writings critical for the future of humanity.
Apply your conscience and encourage children to respect Science & Modernity instead of dependence on Mythology & unsubstantiated traditions.
Modernity, and not Mythology, can drive India towards prosperity. Follow The Mother & Sri Aurobindo for freedom from the burden of the past.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have laid out lofty ideals for children's education and how they need freedom for flowering of faculties of mind.
There can be no greater injustice than polluting the minds of your young children with Mythological superstitions and meaningless rituals.
Education is meant for finding the truth on our own (for which Sri Aurobindo is an excellent guide) and not for blindly following tradition.
Reading The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo can convince of the futility of Mythology-oriented festivals & rituals observed by Indian families.
The general aim in academics is to encourage learners to reach farthest ends of inquiry and curiosity while it's moribund in the case of RSS.
Slim electoral victory is no assurance of legitimacy or indicator of popular acceptance. If RSS agenda continues, then BJP will go downhill.
Not recognizing that there exists a large ideological space opposed to it, BJP-RSS are following an ostrich-like policy which will backfire.
Sri Aurobindo's Evolutionary vision far supersedes the RSS and Congress focus. August 15 is the occasion for a thorough reevaluation of him.
@nesoron The Dynasty is surely not the alternative and AAP has floundered. So, what's the choice before the people? Should ponder over that.
There were many stalwarts in the Freedom movement but the role of Sri Aurobindo & his writings are the most relevant for today's generation.
The ARYA came out on August 15, 1914 heralding a new era of Integral Philosophy woven by Sri Aurobindo braiding the East and the West.
Life is a short opportunity to understand its meaning and mystery. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo met on March 29, 1914 to make us aware of it.
Reading Sri Aurobindo takes a life-time. Those who have not been able to discover his significance are obviously a deprived lot. #FiveDreams
Political affiliation need not dictate your intellectual trajectory. Reclaim your freedom and autonomy to study Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy.
Sri Aurobindo guides us to travel to the true source of Religion where Philosophy, Psychology, and Science converge and Universalism emerges.
Once you read "The Life Divine" by Sri Aurobindo, the long-held worldview based on mythological fiction and popular imagination will vanish.
Study the essence of Veda and Upanishads from Sri Aurobindo to avoid falling in the trap of misleading interpretations marketed aggressively.
There is no better interpreter and commentator of ancient Indian wisdom than Sri Aurobindo who synthesizes them with modern day assumptions.
Sri Aurobindo empowers you to withdraw from rituals and miracles, mythology and superstitions and rely upon Science, Market, and Modernity.
Sri Aurobindo is the first to theorise about Evolution of Consciousness and propose an Integral method of Yoga to accomplish the same by us.
Sri Aurobindo bypassed Freemasonry, Theosophy, Transcendentalism, and Traditionalism or Perennial Philosophy to chart a Judeo-Vedic course.
Sri Aurobindo wrote in English and has commented extensively on European culture and literature. Expand your mental horizon by reading them.
Without reading the Essays and Letters of Sri Aurobindo one can never enter the core of his thought and taste supremely revolutionary ideas.
Stand by English, stand by Science, stand by Market, and shun Mythology. Then you can consider yourself as a true son of Mother India today.
English is our window to the world and those who foolishly lend force to campaign against it are like enemies of India's future generations.
The role of Bollywood, despite stereotypes, in spreading modernity and awareness before the TV era is enormous; the art aspect commendable.
No one is free from prejudices but overlooking influences imbibed from mythology & imagining a pastoral paradise is a crime against country.
Historical data apropos march of science or commerce are no assurance of akin future performance. Evolution has many a secret up its sleeve.
India has progressed much in its march towards modernity during the last half-a-century. Any move to thwart it would be absolute treachery.
@BHPanimalwatch You perhaps love labels but the age of understanding the world through strict isms is gone. Postmodernism is great eyeopener.
@BHPanimalwatch Not for me, it lives for ever as a philosophy and alternative view of life. Not to speak of the embedded poetic aesthesis.
@BHPanimalwatch No means to know Sri Aurobindo's stance but it's up to us to think about solutions to problems obtaining in our own times.
Many spread the disinformation that India's traditional Wisdom is available only in Sanskrit without reading Sri Aurobindo's English books.
If language is the question, then English wins hands down. Sri Aurobindo's Savitri and The Life Divine prove it so conclusively. #FiveDreams
@Janamejayan Please write "Sri Aurobindo" the name he assumed in later part of his life and signed in same style & spelling. @Bengalination7
@DigestionResist @ChampakRoy @IntegralUnity Fine, I'd prefer "Prabhu Sri Aurobindo" and omission of Sri is a serious blunder. @artwaniparas
@ChampakRoy @IntegralUnity @DigestionResist The name "Sri Aurobindo" was adopted by him and referring to him Lord is a devotee's prerogative.
@BHPanimalwatch Freedom spurs Market through operation of all human emotions including envy and greed. It's difficult to put a leash on them.
Despite all their defects, Democracy, Market, and Science have no other alternative. Indians must learn to respect them and thwart Swadeshi.
The beauty about the Market is no one need to understand it or direct it. Govt. job is just like removing hurdles for free flow of traffic.
A party in power is particular about collecting funds for next election effortlessly while taking various decisions under the garb of policy.
Mock fights were a regular feature during UPA. The same continues now to keep Twitter wars warm. Manipulating emotions is the whole secret.
A semi-educated as HRD Minister and rescinding a futuristic FYUP are the first sins. With the furore against GM, Govt to slide backward now.

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