Sunday, August 03, 2014

Sri Aurobindo has probed the human condition very deeply

Mock fights were a regular feature during the UPA rule. The same continues now to keep Twitter wars warm. Manipulating emotions is the whole secret of political games. When we compare these mean modes of realpolitik with the lofty ideals of political theory, disillusionment sets in. Expecting high morality from an ordinary human being engaged in the most uncertain profession of politics is surely absurd. But a close scrutiny shows that every individual observes a certain level of morality contributing to the common bank and in collective situations these tend to go up. 

Laws, customs, and social circumstances ensure this and then the person's need for recognition by practicing ethics takes over. Still, the chances of a most moral person succumbing to corruption is not ruled out. A more modern and sophisticated way is to derive maximum benefits through networking and nepotism in the guise of altruism. NGOs have perfected this art in recent years with the aid of MBA degrees to preempt any sense of wrongdoing.

Sri Aurobindo has probed the human condition very deeply and dwelt upon the solutions in a forthright manner. Instead of focusing on man's incapacities, he prefers proceeding towards the possibilities. As the Evolutionary force is in operation in our midst, concentrating on historical errors is meaningless. What we must aim at is an ideal society taking shape from within the present imperfections. A clarity of vision and conviction is needed to pursue such a programme and popularising it among the young generation. [TNM55]

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