Monday, August 04, 2014

Democracy, Market, and Science have no other alternative

The beauty about the Market is no one need to understand it or direct it. Govt. job is just like removing hurdles for free flow of traffic.
The question is whether to wait for half-a-Century for Percolation taking effect or unleash brute Market forces to harrow within a decade?
Existing structure of Indian economy must undergo a severe churning and that includes harsh times for many. Avoiding that prolongs poverty.
Despite all their defects, Democracy, Market, and Science have no other alternative. Indians must learn to respect them and thwart Swadeshi.
People matter only during Election and not on a daily basis. Govt must not dither from taking hard, unpopular decisions in national interest.
A semi-educated as HRD Minister and rescinding a futuristic FYUP are the first sins. With the furore against GM, Govt to slide backward now.

Many spread the disinformation that India's traditional Wisdom is available only in Sanskrit without reading Sri Aurobindo's English books.
If language is the question, then English wins hands down. Sri Aurobindo's Savitri and The Life Divine prove it so conclusively. #FiveDreams

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