Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Sri Aurobindo is the only authority as a philosopher

Ganeri may be a granary of knowledge but he errs on giving an academic, artificial, or abstract representation of being a Hindu. What he enumerates are regrettably absent in the ground level practices and their justifications. I may be frowned upon again, but Sri Aurobindo is the only authority as a philosopher to bust the myths of Hinduism and disagree with the so called six Darshanas. He differs with the tradition and sides with Evolution; transcending the past categories is a must to partake of his vision. [TNM55]

English is under debate again and we should be thankful to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo for their epochal initiative in launching the ARYA journal on August 15, 1914. Synthesizing the knowledge of the East and the West, Sri Aurobindo has left behind a huge corpus of writings for studying which adequate familiarity with English is essential. Besides new ideas, Sri Aurobindo introduces us with hundreds of Western poets, philosophers, and playwrights spanning millennia. His own work, fortunately, gives us firm guidance and weans away from their possible influence. This is the most crucial contribution of Sri Aurobindo for the Indians.
Scholarly estimation of Sri Aurobindo is on the rise as a steady stream of new books and journal articles testifies. But the tradition-worshipping milieu is preventing most educated Indians to benefit from them. Independent intellectual culture is a rarity and politically induced theories are considered more credible. Doctored history in curriculum is also responsible for eclipsing Sri Aurobindo from the mindscape of our countrymen. Let's hope that the Nation remembers him on August 15 with renewed vigour. [TNM55]

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