Friday, August 01, 2014

Left fails to assimilate the enlightened views of Sri Aurobindo

Communists do understand the Tusar Nath Mohapatra, 31 Jul 2014 - Asian Age
Communists do understand the electoral reality but are uncompromising in their attitude. They deserve praise for standing by principles and for their belief in theory. 2014 is not the end of history and there are many battles ahead in which Communists will lead from the front. Thus their Death-wish is merely a wishful thinking. [TNM55]

The Left has many ramifications in the Indian polity ranging from Maoist terrorism to AAP in Delhi streets. Their presence in the realm of Art, Culture, Literature, and Academic writing is uncontested. The very bias towards the poor has been their core policy that spontaneously appeals to people's sentiments. But antipathy towards religion leads to their isolation. Unfortunately, they have not been able to assimilate the enlightened views of Sri Aurobindo as regards human evolution and destiny. Their international outlook is limited to economic sphere as they fail to see how higher aspirations can smoothen the rough edges of social hierarchy.

This, we must admit, belongs to the realm of speculation as Sri Aurobindo's prophecies are yet to be empirically tested. The Left, therefore, is within its rights to follow its considered ideologies. But its dependence upon the Muslim vote in India is a blot on its intellectual pretensions. Electoral decimation is bound to force the Left to rethink policy and engage with the majority psychology. [TNM55]

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