Saturday, August 02, 2014

Sri Aurobindo has gifted us a sound philosophy of history

Time and again we have expressed our unhappiness with RSS but driving out Sonia from power is a great relief. Another plus point is you stop hearing RSS whining and victimhood litanies. Confronting real issues can metamorphose RSS into a more inclusive entity. That's, of course, a distant hope and a dream. But, by dealing with a wide cross-section of people would make it more practical and less reliant on Mythology, Miracles, or Medievalism. Reconciling the past affirmations with future aspirations will be the most challenging task for the RSS think tank.

Sri Aurobindo has gifted us a sound philosophy of History taking the whole human evolution into account. Unfortunately, his ideas are not taught in the Universities in India and hence people are ignorant about them. He wrote at a time when nihilistic and pessimistic sentiments were sweeping the Western world. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo ushered in the message of hope, of a sublime future for the mankind and its inevitability. That India will be at the forefront of such an adventure is a matter of immense pride and happiness for us.

Science and technology is only one aspect of progress, the other side being freedom and fulfillment. Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy not only endows us with knowledge but also leads us on the path of Yoga. No other discipline of study has this dual benefit. Many complain of difficulties at the outset but they emerge, The Mother assures, to be overcome eventually. Thus, the more the struggle or wrestling with impediments, the greater the scope for conquest and radical transformation of hostile forces. The final victory, however, is Immortality and Divinisation of Earth. [TNM55]

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