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Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo: Five Dreams Manifesto

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Despite various strands of intervening intellectual revolutions, Sri Aurobindo remains eminently relevant, readable, and as fresh as ever, a century later. Many educated Indians know not much about Sri Aurobindo’s writings barring a couple of quotations from India’s Rebirth
Sri Aurobindo intended to dislodge stereotypical scholarship and inform discourse with sound Ontological moorings but has been stoutly resisted. Sri Aurobindo fights a political battle on the Knowledge front and is loath on compromises. Evolution to higher levels is his firm assurance. The very fact that Sri Aurobindo is not read or quoted widely is itself a political issue & constitutes the core of his Political Philosophy. [TNM55]

The Mother's birth anniversary on February 21 is an occasion to remember the contributions of an extraordinary woman who loved India so much.
The Mother asks to concentrate on change of Consciousness rather than concerning ourselves about religious formulas.
@jaya_k_ @agarwaltraining @radharaju18 Sri Aurobindo too was "Influenced by such diverse sources as the Theosophical"
Sri Aurobindo wrote and published almost throughout his life which influenced many, yet some think his political contribution is negligible.
What man must know & think and how he should act are dominant concerns for Sri Aurobindo and not merely his material needs and possessions.
Sri Aurobindo, not only explains The Secret of the Veda, but also tells the truth about following Buddha, Vivekananda, Tagore, or Gandhi.
It's because of Sri Aurobindo that we understand the deficiencies in the theories of great men like Hegel, Marx, Darwin, Nitzsche, or Freud.
Neglect of Sri Aurobindo by academia has left a whole generation ignorant about and prejudiced against him. Some day good sense will prevail.
Sri Aurobindo indicates not to stop at Dayananda, Vivekananda, Tagore or Gandhi & follow Integral Yoga based on Evolutionary Vedic dialectic.
Sri Aurobindo awakens us to the superiority of Vedic pronouncements that should form the basis of patriotism and not Mythological narrative.
In Sri Aurobindo we find diverse areas like Philosophy, Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, Politics, Ethics, Aesthetics, & Yoga converging.
When the whole nation is debating a suit, let's recall how Sri Aurobindo refutes Shankara's interpretation of vasyam as cloth to posit house.
Phobia of the West spread in India by Swadeshi as well as anti-Colonialist enthusiasts is sure to have a debilitating effect on the Nation.
Just like Heidegger's Philosophy can't be ignored due to his brief Nazi connection, a Nation's culture and politics must be seen separately.
Just like home grown medicines, ancient & indigenous sources of aesthetic or intellectual enjoyment may not be the best; need replenishment.
Protectionism is as injurious in trade and commerce as in intellectual discourse. Western Philosophy has turned moribund sans Sri Aurobindo.
If widening and heightening of Consciousness is the task, then one must not remain bound by the history and culture of a particular country.
Mythology numbs the mind and kills curiosity as well as critical faculty. Sri Aurobindo's writings awakens to such dangers and conditioning.
Dharma and Dharmic are clever terms now to sell Mythology. Nothing to do with their sublime significance as explained by Sri Aurobindo. Alas!
No better source for intellectual churning and enrichment than ploughing through the Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo:
Sri Aurobindo's Evolutionary vision as outlined in the #FiveDreams Manifesto is in action silently. Nadkarni Doctrine
Democracy never meant one is a slave of a political party. Education should make citizens more discerning but now blind support is the norm.
@priyankac19 @ma28nav No one, not even the PM, should be deprived of the opportunity to learn and evolve; errors notwithstanding.
Should yesterday's Modi speech be seen as a sign of RSS turning more open and modern with Dattatreya Hosabale assuming a top position?
Concept of Parliament emerged when there was neither TV nor Twitter. Constitution should be rewritten to accommodate instant Citizens' views.
@DrunkVinodMehta @ADhanvantri The fact that Parrikar used to enjoy a huge reputation could be the reason of him being trapped by conspiracy.
[Mahatma Gandhi and His Contemporaries by Bindu Puri] via @amazon
[Integral education: Dr Bodh Bral] via @dailyexcelsior1 The Mother & Sri Aurobindo

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