Sunday, February 15, 2015

Read the Poems, Plays, and Letters of Sri Aurobindo

Both Science and Philosophy are dependent on past theories but with The Mother & Sri Aurobindo one can start with an absolutely clean slate.
Those who can't read may remain content with wearing caps and masks. Those who can must read the Poems, Plays, and Letters of Sri Aurobindo.
Even if you feel close to Dayananda, Vivekananda, Sivananda, or Osho, reading the works of Sri Aurobindo can offer much intellectual fodder.
That literacy on Sri Aurobindo is steadily growing among RWs is surely heartening but to club Savarkar or Golwalkar with him is horrendous.
Reading the works of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo convinces us how Hindutva is the worst enemy of the core of ancient Vedic wisdom of India.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo steer clear of Rituals and Mythological fictions and present a robust Ontology in consonance with modern Science.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo train how to overcome the predominantly materialistic priorities of Politics & Economics to access Causal realms.
Castes are various stages through which life must evolve. Following different Religions is also like stairs in order to reach the final goal.
Bollywood could never discover an enduring Box-office formula and hence to think that Modi can ensure power for BJP perpetually is a chimera.
@pras4net Anti-Congess initiative goes back to SVD days of which BJS was also a constituent. BJP's emphasis on Hindutva has made it a loner.
Delhi verdict has shown the limits of Hindutva politics & hence Modi would do well to take his rapport with Pawar to the next logical level.
@pras4net Vast space occupied by Congress earlier is a dream for any new player and BJP must occupy the same. That's the greatest difference
Winning elections by borrowing formulas from Advertising industry is no glory. Neither Modi nor Kejriwal command genuine love of the people.
Securing people's mandate doesn't necessarily mean legitimacy for policy or performance. The Democratic parameters are severe at every step.
PMs and CMs so confident about ruling for full five years in a Democracy is laughable. Political churning can throw surprises at any moment.
Nitish Kumar is key to a genuine All India party emerging from the grassroots without resorting to fascist personality cults and theatrics.
@c_ontrarian @pras4net Depending upon situation. It's illogical to allow someone to be power while the right person is going pillar to post.
@SMarrtnoj @c_ontrarian @pras4net I stand by my argument.
@SMarrtnoj @c_ontrarian @pras4net It's not interference; the President acts in consultation with Home Ministry.
@SMarrtnoj @c_ontrarian @pras4net The President is under PM, who ultimately is the arbiter.
@c_ontrarian @pras4net @SMarrtnoj Governor is under President and is not independent. Has powers to do so.
@SMarrtnoj @c_ontrarian @pras4net The provisions are different when it comes to the States vis-a-vis Centre. Governors have leeway.
@SMarrtnoj @pras4net @c_ontrarian My first comment, therefore, was this is a serious lapse on the part of Modi. Should have been avoided.
@c_ontrarian @pras4net @SMarrtnoj Assembly has no power to appoint CM. Governor has to apply his wisdom to invite who he feels has numbers.
@c_ontrarian @pras4net @SMarrtnoj Depending upon how clear is the situation. Even 48 minutes are enough.
@SMarrtnoj @pras4net @c_ontrarian You are straying into academics which is also a diversionary tactic.
@c_ontrarian @pras4net @SMarrtnoj HC action is tangential; Governor should have acted appropriately to invite Nitish instead of delaying it.
@SMarrtnoj @pras4net @c_ontrarian The issue is permitting a minority Govt. in office is Constitutionally untenable and must be condemned.
@c_ontrarian @pras4net @SMarrtnoj HC can go wrong too and they have since amended their decision.
@SMarrtnoj @pras4net @c_ontrarian You are avoiding the issue. As patriots, our first duty should be to protect the sanctity of Constitution.
@pras4net @c_ontrarian @SMarrtnoj Past mistakes don't justify present or future errors. Each situation is unique & Nitish has clear majority.
@SMarrtnoj Laughing away Constitutional indiscretions is nothing unusual but the way our young Democracy suffers is irreparable.
Current Bihar imbroglio is a major failure of Modi as Prime Minister in protecting the Constitution. The matter is gigantic in significance.
You may be politically opposed to Nitish Kumar but delaying his due coming to office by questionable manipulation should be deplored by all.
Young Indians must resolve to get over the Modi and Kejriwal phenomenon like the world learnt to forget the legacies of Hitler and Stalin.
Delhi verdict has outlined the imaginary and illusory nature of Hindu monolith which the BJP ecosystem must get rid of and regain sanity.
No official reaction on Delhi results, yet no major uproar within the Party. BJP seems to have surpassed Congress in High Command culture.
BJP supporters have started expressing misgivings but unable to elicit any response from Modi. Perforce, they valiantly announce allegiance.
@drarora_gaurav @madhukishwar Restricting a god's jurisdiction to a city only is blasphemy!
@pras4net Agreed; instances of lapses would be a legion but that's no excuse for running down everything Nehruvian.
Be Indian; be Sri Aurobindian.
Savitri Era of those who adore,
Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.
[dreamer of human unity aiming at Life Divine, Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950) was father of militant nationalist politics]
[Whitehead was an avowed Platonist & a close follower of Bergson, and as such his philosophy is closer than others to that of Sri Aurobindo]
[Paradox of Being Human by Ramahant Sinari Reply w/ #AmazonCart to add this] via @amazonIN

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