Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Security and survival gets precedence over ethical

Both history and geography teach that there is no logic or symmetry. Anna-Kejriwal and BJP-PDP alliances are sign of more chaos in politics.
Anna Hazare is much more ethical than most politicians and hence mocking him is wrong even though his understanding of issues may be unsound.
@TRILOKHNATH For the larger cause since Anna lacks organization. The greater point is this RW habit of ad hominem attacks without any qualm.
@TRILOKHNATH Sure, that's the ethical paradigm but the question of security and survival gets precedence which sways away the individual.
@SMarrtnoj @TRILOKHNATH Anna has a Democratic right to lead political protests. Should it be called shenanigans? You may elaborate a bit.
@TRILOKHNATH @SMarrtnoj There can't be strict rules for agitations. Unlike the earlier occasions, Anna can't be accused of fueling anarchy.
@SMarrtnoj @TRILOKHNATH I'm not defending Anna nor his cause but his right to political action and his freedom to choose strategy, partners.
If a suit can be auctioned, why not land? Let there be a proper market for transparent exchange of land for, what they call, price discovery.
Demand for opening more institutions for Vedic learning is justified but unless they teach Sri Aurobindo, they will slide into superstitions.
@SMarrtnoj Threat is much deeper. Sri Aurobindo's anti-rituals interpretation of the Veda is being stoutly resisted for the last 100 years.
@SMarrtnoj I don't find much virtue in this multiple pretext. Sri Aurobindo is a modern and authentic teacher and his verdict counts for me.
@SMarrtnoj It's not merely the question of teachings; The Mother & Sri Aurobindo constitute a new Religion & hence the clash is fundamental.
@SMarrtnoj There may not be any visible conflict but Indians have been unsuccessful in imbibing Sri Aurobindo's Vedic Evolutionary paradigm.
@SMarrtnoj May be your personal opinion but Sri Aurobindo thinks differently. For him, all existing Religions are out of date and must go.
@SMarrtnoj From the political angle, tolerance and choice may be legitimate but when it comes to knowledge, merit matters and validity tops.
@SMarrtnoj Instead of being deluded by dominant and fashionable Civilisational meta-narratives, it's prudent to accept a good path for self.
@SMarrtnoj That's the preliminary approach, and as one gets more convinced and confident, he is engulfed by an urge for disseminating value.
@SMarrtnoj There are ways in which errors of history can be avoided and in this case, Sri Aurobindo relies upon ongoing Evolutionary force.
@SMarrtnoj This is also an admirable piece by Sandeep
@inrealisation Sri Aurobindo borrows both from India & the West and so it's erroneous to bind him within any particular tradition or religion.
@sarkar_swati Please avoid pigeonholing Sri Aurobindo in such a misleading fashion. @rationalketan @027VivekM @curryputtar @chinmaykrvd
Thus, the notion of political is perhaps a little wider when we evaluate Sri Aurobindo. [TNM55]
Compelling habitus of Sri Aurobindo's Letters on Yoga - available now in 4 volumes of Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo
Letters on Yoga are available now in four volumes of Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo after 65 years he passed away.
[Aurobindo lived at a time when East and West were beginning to converge... context can inspire greater sectarianism]
[@rishibagree: Anna Hazare's favorite song:
Idhar chala mein udhar chala, jaane kaha mein kidhar chala, fisal gaya, arey mein gir gaya...]

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