Thursday, February 12, 2015

Understand Sri Aurobindo to reach right inferences

Sri Aurobindo clarifies that his Philosophy was necessary in view of glaring lacunas found in that of his predecessors, both East and West.
Those pondering over Cultural Nationalism or Economic Liberalism must make an attempt to understand Sri Aurobindo to reach right inferences.
Craving for neat classifications and symmetry is a habit with human intellect which, unfortunately, are a rarity in reality and the society.
Delhi verdict has turned Twitter pundits a bunch of clowns who used to pontificate day & night on virtues of being Hindu and life of Dharma.
Delhi verdict has exposed the bankruptcy of all kinds of political ideologies tried so far. Sri Aurobindo alone has answers for the future.
Modi's most important achievement so far has been to display that he is talking to world leaders on equal terms; it's nothing but illusion!
@pras4net Don't agree fully with such a characterisation but then past mistakes are no justification of perpetrating more in the future.
AAP victory against BJP is commendable but that doesn't mean its methods are endorsed or emulated. Sri Aurobindo is key to India's future.
Right from the IAC-Anna Andolan days, Kejriwal has always been seen not to be very transparent regarding money matters. May be a gotra flaw!
Chances of BJP sliding down fast under Modi is more and hence reverting to Advani would be an attractive judicious view in the time to come.
Why does RSS utter lies in public; lose credibility? "@centerofright: RSS denies it reviewed Delhi poll debacle - :)"
@Vidyut Madhu, Smriti, Saswati, Rupa, and Kiran
Forget Vishkanya; the acrobatics of Panchkanya are no less responsible for the recent BJP downfall. Madhu, Smriti, Saswati, Rupa, and Kiran.
@prabuddhasaha What is your stand? Do you support the hardliners? That's a more important question.
Manjhi is not entitled to be in power even for 10 minutes but Bihar Governor has granted him 10 more days. Travesty of Democratic propriety.
Guardians of Constitution, when manipulate under some Party instructions, turn themselves into caricatures of human honesty and uprightness.
Excellent round-up by @SanjeevFocusED in @FocusTonight with incisive and perceptive observations sans any shouting or distracting gimmicks.
An irony of the current times is that reading any book or magazine is seen as less cool than browsing the same on a tablet or a phone.
Instead of the proposed giant Patel statue India should gather its resources and scientific expertise to build the world's largest telescope.

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