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Sri Aurobindo is a challenge to Social Sciences

The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo is the most comprehensive book as an entry point to Indian Philosophy. Many older philosophical strands, though sophisticated, bear serious deficiencies and Sri Aurobindo offers a modern Ontological framework incorporating Evolution. The book contains countless references to earlier concepts and schools by way of allusions and comparisons useful for the new entrants. Secondary literature available on the book are also diverse as well as interdisciplinary. [TNM55]

Tusar N. Mohapatra on 19 February 2015 at 3:44 pm said:
Can’t reply so precisely - being a non-specialist - as my job is just like a sign-post. There are adequate works on the subject which can satisfy such queries and concerns. However, may I add what I just tweeted:
What man must know & think and how he should act are dominant concerns for Sri Aurobindo and not merely his material needs and possessions.
Thus, the notion of political is perhaps a little wider when we evaluate Sri Aurobindo. Thanks. [TNM55]

Sri Aurobindo elucidates on the deep significance of concepts like Bhakti, Rasa, or Ananda, beyond superficial festivities and celebrations.
Sri Aurobindo is a challenge to social sciences in the sense Integral Advaita doesn't allow a neat human-centric way of conceiving reality.
By holding "All Life is Yoga" Sri Aurobindo introduces deeper causal dimensions to the popular paradigm of "Social Construction of Reality."
Sri Aurobindo helping his disciples by subtle forces should receive adequate attention like his writings to understand his place in history.
Although he wrote commentaries, Sri Aurobindo was not comfortable with traditional texts, and therefore created The Life Divine and Savitri.
A theory may be unreasonable and unacceptable but serves a valuable purpose of providing a contrast and offering tension for rival emerging.
Ridiculing political adversaries is permissible but losing respect for their scholarly or public contributions must not gain respectability.
It's fashionable now to criticise the West as well as Left-leaning academicians without appreciating how much research work we owe to them.
Indian Universities have produced scores of brilliant Philosophy Professors who are hardly recognised. Roadside Baba snatches away respect.
One may not read but must respect the quantum of labour [The Primacy of Grammar by Nirmalangshu Mukherji] http://t.co/S2AL56TdZJ via @amazon
Last Day: Indian Institute of Advanced Study stall in World Book Fair, New Delhi offering 75% off on books published till 2004. @IIASShimla
@rishibagree Nothing is considered of value these days unless covered by Delhi TV channels as National news. Local events are insignificant!
@_Mauna_ Calling it illusion may not be an objective reading of situation. There indeed is a subtle shift which you must come to terms with.
@_Mauna_ Secular / Sickular and appeasement debate that is staple among RSS supporters. The earlier stridency is no more that rampant.
Big day for Indian politics as Nitish Kumar rides to power signaling realignment of anti-BJP forces at the national level reminiscent of JP.
Nitish Kumar returns as CM of Bihar with a decidedly national stature and ambition. He deserves the support and goodwill of the whole nation.
Anna Hazare has emerged as a rallying point for the opposition and we must welcome him in his new avatar sans the taint of Kejriwal & Kiran.
@SMarrtnoj @RameshSethi1 Good economics is beyond the grasp of majority impressions and sentiments. However, latter is supreme in Democracy.
@SMarrtnoj Media, fortunately, represents Market, and hence, can't be faulted. It caters to demand and commerce. Other institutions lagging.
@SMarrtnoj You are thinking of ideal situations and fortunately there have been no Markets on textbook model. Markets evolve from clumsyness.
@SMarrtnoj Market as much needs regulators as agitators. Nothing not even anarchy is excluded from the Market. So let's welcome Anna Hazare.
@SMarrtnoj Market hates to lament about the past mistakes or crying over split milk. If we understand theory Future is full of opportunities.
@SMarrtnoj Nitti gritties are never valid for all time or nations but offer useful historical data which can be harnessed whenever required.
Sri Aurobindo's Evolutionary vision outlined in the #FiveDreams Manifesto is silently at work. Nadkarni Doctrine http://t.co/9Vg7WAdZG1
[all are in the Divine, all are the Divine and there is nothing else in the Universe] Sri Aurobindo - The Synthesis of Yoga http://t.co/IgqVVoHHU4
[The human being is a complex organism which cannot be rammed into a fixed logical process or formula.] http://t.co/0AiMAkZX6g Sri Aurobindo

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