Monday, February 16, 2015

Sri Aurobindo, Gandhi, and the Zeitgeist

@Nikhil_7D Would you elaborate what your understanding of (or, objections to) Sri Aurobindo are, to dispel the ambiguity?
@Nikhil_7D In fact, Sri Aurobindo, too, doesn't insist upon such a strict dichotomy. There are convergences and genealogical affinities.
@Nikhil_7D How to bridge subjective perceptions should be the intention of conversation. Evolutionary Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo is for future.
@Nikhil_7D Natural state, from a scientific angle, should apply for the whole human species. But different Evolutionary stages do occur.
@Nikhil_7D Sri Aurobindo chooses to look at it as a human problem bypassing religious divides and prefers the Antagonism set out in the Veda.
@Nikhil_7D There are many Westerners among Sri Aurobindo's followers which is proof that all of them are not exactly enamoured of old faiths.
@Nikhil_7D Methodological disparity: You are ticking off my reading of Sri Aurobindo as subjective & posit your reading of Dharma universal.
@DivyaSoti @pras4net Sri Aurobindo has written books that are relevant to our times and lives which is not there in Mythological narratives.
@DivyaSoti @pras4net Sri Aurobindo is an acknowledged Social Scientist and Visionary. Just read his books without losing faith in your God.
@DivyaSoti It's better to rely upon Sri Aurobindo's words and tread the Evolutionary path. He assures that mass-conversion of minds possible.
Mythology is a malady from which Indians must liberate themselves to march towards progress & prosperity, intellectual & cultural vibrancy.
Not by spreading hatred but by spraying Harmony that the next Evolutionary goals can be achieved in which past Religions will be transformed.
@_Mauna_ Found too generalised and needlessly accusative. Expect more balanced assessment given the Zeitgeist acted through him for 30 years.
@_Mauna_ You are right; the hypocrite part made a misleading impression. So, you are inferring: Gandhi is okay, but Indians are hypocrites!
@_Mauna_ Mass in India is too scattered and there were meagre mass media. This mass myth in fact is a product of latter day Films and Plays.
@_Mauna_ If not mass, the fact that at least a dozen top minds of the day were swayed by Gandhi's idiosyncratic ways is no mean achievement.
@pras4net @DivyaSoti Gandhi represents Action at a scale no one does & therefore his place in History as well as Academic Theory is secured.
@pras4net @DivyaSoti Gandhi used to marshal Action while Sri Aurobindo preferred the Consciousness route. So, no shifting in methodology.
@DivyaSoti Can't show instant results as past formulas are ineffective. No one has solutions except Sri Aurobindo & Indians must follow him.
@DivyaSoti See, no escape from historical accidents. The point is how to benefit in the present time by taking lessons from the past events.
Jaitley attracting flak from BJP fans round the year seems to be sponsored by him to keep him in news since nothing happens by such tirades.
@anityakr You are right, but lately the suit has taken over from Jaitley as buffer against Modi, it seems!
@anityakr Jaitley's role can be compared to that of Pranab Mukherjee in Congress and he surpasses in articulation too. Surely a jewel in BJP
Many are so slavish that they are not willing to accept that Modi lost in Delhi. Instead, they keep on parroting that the blasted suit lost!
Democratic idea is to authorise the Govt. of law & oder but some are engaged in fear mongering by spreading suspicion about fellow citizens.
When some tweet like having their own intelligence agency or knowing things from secret sources then the Social Media tag becomes anomalous.
No woman minister in AAP cabinet may not be politically correct but signifies a hard reality in terms of ability. Revisit Gender equality?
It's a riddle how someone seeming intelligent can support Free Markets on the one hand and abide by Hindu Rashtra narrative on the other.
@Lutyenspundit Let quality develop on-the-job through trial-and-error as they never got the opportunity to invest in intellectual culture.
Heartening to note that influential voices within BJP ecosystem are taking firm stand against radical elements among them, to Modi's credit.
BJP must aim at replacing the Congress of yore and the recent tryst with NCP needs to be built upon by relinquishing sharp edges of Hindutva.
Instead of spending energy in fighting Gandhi-Nehru-Indira legacy, the wiser course for BJP is to pose as continuation & amend subsequently.
AAP may be owing its genesis to RSS but has come to possess an altogether different identity over time. Will undergo Janata type splintering
@Shahdatt_Allam No, I'm against AAP, BJP, and Congress which represent fascist and dictatorial forces. Support Nitish Kumar at the moment.
@Shahdatt_Allam That's the Indian reality; Nitish Kumar is a fairly experienced and qualified leader with a firm grip on the grassroots.
February 21 is The Mother's birth anniversary. May Indians discover the great significance of her work in Puducherry!

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