Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Modern lifestyle is not antithetical to Integral Yoga

One good thing about the Heehs' imbroglio is that a lot of aura surrounding the Ashram was busted. So much so that it's being seen just as a housing colony. The sooner we accept the realities of human nature, the better, especially long after the Masters' departure. A few points, however, need elucidation.

1. Residing in the Ashram is not synonymous with practicing Integral Yoga.
2. The rules for residing in the Ashram are not integral part of Integral Yoga.
3. Integral Yoga is not any fixed system as The Mother & Sri Aurobindo continued to fine tune it almost till the end of their lives.
4. Living in an Ashram is never a stipulation for Integral Yoga.
5. There is no psycho-physical practice involved in Integral Yoga.
6. Writings of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are illustrative for all practical purposes. They are just pointers to possibilities.
7. Utility of their books is enormous apropos intellectual growth and protection from neo-religious marketplace.
8. Reading and recitation is the only form of practice which can be safely recommended.
9. Subjecting oneself to harsh measures for fast results should be avoided in Integral Yoga.
10. Modern lifestyle is not antithetical to Integral Yoga nor participating in politics.
11. Integral Yoga is 99℅ surrender and 1℅ tapasya. Not even 80:20 ratio.
12. Judging someone else on some prefixed notion of Yoga is roundly erroneous.
13. Each person has a unique destiny and he moves at his own pace.
14. Outward success or lack of it has no bearing on Integral Yoga.
15. Day to day happenings are part of human drama and their implications are in no way connected to Integral Yoga.
16. Art and culture are part of one's leisure and entertainment and expecting too much advantage for Integral Yoga from them is wrong.
17. Practice induces satisfaction, complacence, and superiority. Besides, the eventuality of a fall always waits.
18. The sunlit path of surrender is, therefore, the only recourse in Integral Yoga. 
19. Accepting any Guru or Superior is prohibited in Integral Yoga as The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are always present in their Divine manifestation.
20. Conflicts and controversies offer many lessons on character building and crystallising of thought but no direct inference with regard to Integral Yoga.
21. The prison of gender perspective should guide against imposing too much of uniformity or impractical goals.
22. As each individual is wired differently, less common behavioural patterns should receive adequate sympathy.
23. Integral Yoga can include Nama-japa, if one is so inclined. Like breathing, it doesn't interfere with other activities nor draws attention of others.
24. Keeping away from Mythology, Astrology, and Rituals is a basic for Integral Yoga.

February 29 marks anniversary of manifestation of Supramental Consciousness on earth in 1956 announced by The Mother. https://t.co/w7JUYfAJ6G
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

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