Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sri Aurobindo reinstates the Veda, dethrones Mythology

Children who have taken birth just now have the right to education and information but no surety whether they receive the right education.
State sponsored education and culture in India valorizes Mythology, Astrology, & Rituals which corrupt originality & creativity in children.
Children must be set free from parental insistence of undergoing Rituals and Superstition in the name of religious and cultural refinement.
Both Hindutva and Marxist take on the role of religion in education is defective. Integral education of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo right way.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have inaugurated a new political vision and a new learning formulation which dovetail to an emancipatory religion.
February is the month of The Mother's birthday and her devotees worldwide must stretch their SM reach so that people know who She really is.
She is the Empress of the Universe and also the most kind and caring Mother of such puny existences like us. February 21 is her birthday.
The whole world is out there waiting to be conquered by the Savitri Erans. No more hidings and hibernations. This is the hour to be heroic.
So, there is need to be aware on the basics and develop necessary logic to take on Sri Aurobindo's opposition.
I am promoting and campaigning for Savitri Era Religion and Savitri Era Party over Internet, for last several years.
Every line of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo tells us to reject something of the past so that we remain receptive...
Sri Aurobindo has pointed out, future identities would not depend upon geographically contiguous political entities.
Other Worlds recurrent in various writings of Sri Aurobindo has its firm basis in the ancient utterances of the Veda
The Veda vs. Buddha war is two and a half millennia old and let it be fought anew with the battle-lines drawn clear.
[present administration of Sri Aurobindo Ashram is not only a misfit in current situation but a total anachronism.]
@Theos_Online Sadly, Theosophical Society has never allowed dissemination of Sri Aurobindo's thought, through its network, all these years.
The charm of Chilika, like Radhanath Ray's epic on it, is perennial.
Ei sataranga minakara (Odia song)
@TVMohandasPai Visited Anupshahr (अनुपशहर) yesterday and enjoyed a bath in Ganga.
"Integral Management" paper presentation plus visiting several lovely locations in the vicinity of Nitte, Karnataka.
India got freedom in 1947. All those who are 47 and above should avail some form of sabbatical in order to discover the real taste of life.
Life must be distinguished from mere earning livelihood. Finding out the meaning of life and pursuing its aim needs to be accorded priority.
Difficult to find anything to read that's someone's thought or opinion. Most writings are party propaganda or pamphlets of business houses.
Two most astonishing phenomena of 21st century India is that some people still put their faith in Sonia and some others are under Modi spell.
The nation can find its feet only if its people are able to know about Sri Aurobindo and his emancipating vision of the future Evolution.
@AgentSaffron @bharatipura Anticipating NITI Ayog can be seen as its most historical relevance and in the genealogy of ideas & institutions.
[Zubiri, Ortega y Gassett, Latour, Lovecraft, ... Harman’s originality lies in his engagement with marginal thinkers]
History writing on 20th century in India must undergo a churning the way view of science went under Popper and Kuhn, Lakatos and Feyerabend.
Banishing Veda from Prasthanatraya, aggressive push of Mythology during Bhakti movement, & distortion of history by Marxists are three stabs.
Sri Aurobindo reinstates the Veda, dethrones Mythology, and creates history the accounts and significances of which are yet to be recorded.
Expressing new truths would also involve large dollops of humility as to possible methodological lapses or eclipsing of relevant narratives.
Success rate of art and commercial cinema is also a good yardstick for measuring significance of philosophy vis-à-vis political ratification.
Talks on Savitri by R.Y. Deshpande are invaluable for introducing the poem in its diverse significances via @youtube
[Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950), the revolutionary-politician turned mystic-poet in his now famous Uttarpara speech ...]
[Aurobindo also tried to enlighten C.R. Das about futility of his policy of making the so called Hindu Moslem unity]
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo held that a stringent ethical living is not a foolproof formula unless backed by Evolution of one's consciousness.
One's belief in values is like how he deals with facts. Subjective choice with self-interest as compass has the potential of derailing aims.
Although Sri Aurobindo avers the world is real, apprehending it coherently is not easy under the postmodernist lens.
shrinkage in the realm of languages, religions, and nationalities. [TNM55]
@dikgaj Selective quoting and slanted presentation has the potential of distorting history. All your joint articles exude that impression.
@dikgaj All that will take time. You are on a great project. The whole 20th century will be reevaluated. So, please be patient and humble.
@dikgaj But, there is no gainsaying that the activism, occasional shrill tone and terse remarks of S & SS stick to the Scholars' persona!
@dikgaj So on the whole your task amounts to reconstruction which would need visual presentation through various art forms. Words not enough.
From Subhas to Sri Sri, RWs need to institute an hierarchy of Messiahs so that all are accommodated with due honours like the Padma awards!
Rajeev, with his No Messiah formula, fell in the Leftists' trap. Peter Heehs too had attempted to dislodge Sri Aurobindo from his pedestal.
RW giants fighting over Bose has a huge silver lining. Sri Aurobindo can't be ignored or downplayed any further as SS was doing disdainfully.
The Mother's arrival in India in 1914 is the most significant event in history and subsequent unfoldments need to be understood accordingly.
Examining history in terms of Hindu interest is a hazardous enterprise. How The Mother & Sri Aurobindo fought Hitler is the real mythology.
RW internecine warfare will escalate as SM will force transparency and truth. The Hindu cause will take a beating and The Mother will shine.
Major events of 20thCentury can't be understood properly without going through Mother's Agenda. Historians must read
[what wants to come for next February is the Truth-Light /to prepare the way for the manifestation of supreme Love.]

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