Friday, February 26, 2016

Sugata Bose, Aravindan Neelakandan, and Manasataramgini

Current political situation in the country is volatile and tension is likely to escalate as Elections near. A central issue running through various controversies is religion which can confuse people very easily. The English media, thankfully, is acting as an interrogator for the ruling party but its approach is the same old Nehruvian/Marxist. Thus, it's the most opportune moment to push Sri Aurobindo's thought. But, unfortunately, an influential section of devotees is spreading dubious interpretation.

Be that as it may, as more and more people come to rely on Sri Aurobindo's emancipatory vision, at least, for theoretical purposes, the true import of his teachings will come to light. There should be no ambiguity as to who represents the fascist and anti-Evolutionary forces. Sugata Bose speech in Lok Sabha has earned him nationwide acclaim. But, the fight is long drawn and, hence, honing our ideological weaponry should be a priority.

The question of AIT has caused a vertical split in the Hindutva camp. Although, Sri Aurobindo spoke against it, current scientific investigation seems to favour it. So, we should have no hesitation in accepting what the erudite manasataramgini is proposing, in the absence of necessary competence to evaluate conflicting claims. [TNM55] 

February 29 marks anniversary of manifestation of Supramental Consciousness on earth in 1956 announced by The Mother …
Ramakrishna Das (Babaji Maharaj) worked unceasingly for popularizing teachings of Mother & Sri Aurobindo in Odisha. …
Marxists have employed all kinds of tricks to expand but have failed. Present RSS attempt to use Universities as springboard is sure to fail.
RSS dreams of a Hindu homogeneous India but Mythology, Astrology, and Rituals will continue to alienate the young and the educated from it.
Certainly a dreary prospect if all, from police to army to judiciary to lawyers to truck drivers, plan their next moves on Twitter verdicts!
Slender intellectual backing is the reason why RSS supporters whine all the time and accuse fellow citizens with epithets like anti-national.
Thanks to the JNU imbroglio, many Modi fans who were feeling disillusioned by his policies and tweeting adversely have returned to his side.
Choosing between Modernity and Mythology is no rocket science. Indians must weigh options on future trends instead of Rana Pratap, Shivaji.
Hindutva enthusiasts have stopped quoting Sri Aurobindo approvingly. The message has gone home that his legacy has become a New Religion now.
Don't be misled by the so-called Sanghi vs. Congi war that keeps Twitter warm. The pernicious effect of both factions need to be obliterated.
The Hindu Rashtra thesis of RSS is an affront to the Constitution of India and yet it accuses others of being anti-national. Such a paradox!
Just because many tweet in good English, they can't be trusted on the criteria of rationality and fair-play. Their RSS contagion prohibits.
Those under the tentacles of Mythology, Astrology, and Rituals won't clean up the history books. Expecting the same is absurd and hypocrisy.
Addiction to Mythology, Astrology, and Rituals plus the hypocrisy it spawns find their remedy in the Evolutionary dialectic of Sri Aurobindo.
The proposition is simple. Sri Aurobindo's thought should replace what the RSS, Congress, and the Left have been preaching all these years.
Sri Aurobindo has joined issue with Shankara and Sayana on their questionable interpretation of the Isha Upanishad and Rig Veda respectively.
Kowtowing to Marx, Mythology, or Dynasty mean the same thing: intellectual subjugation. Only Sri Aurobindo spurs adventure of consciousness.
Cunning spin [A most probable unstated and even unconscious influence on Dr Ambedkar could have been Sri Aurobindo.] …
If Aravindan Neelakandan can show Sri Aurobindo's ideals finding reflection in Ambedkar, then it would be salutary. …
Sri Aurobindo is to be understood in totality and not in snippets and in exclusion of the confusion perpetrated by his famous contemporaries
It's essential to understand where Sri Aurobindo is leading to is far higher than what Tagore, Gandhi, Rajaji, Radhkrishnan or Ambedkar want.
Twitter logo symbolises freedom to fly but the way RSS supporters go on parroting their pet themes is a sad commentary on human intellect.
Building a consensus that issues would be judged on merit and not how they suit some party is an intellectual burden over Twitter. Any one?
@maidros78 Please treat each individual independently irrespective of family, ideology, or religion. Scholarship must stick to basic norms.
@kuffir There are all kinds of brahmins. Your monochromatic interpretation of them is far removed from reality. Serves you for easy argument
@smarket @crazydiode Rating politicians using various criteria scientifically can be taken up as a serious profession like psephology.
@AmritHallan @mediacrooks Normal person: The Emperor's attire is fabulous. 
A child: The Emperor is naked.
@sonaliranade @sistlajsr Instead of waiting for natural drift, proactive support for Sri Aurobindo can counter several ills besetting India.
To tether Mythology to political discourse is a RSS trap. Modern generation must be wary of such mischief perpetrated in the public sphere.
Even a scholar like Ambedkar had no idea as to how Sri Aurobindo brought refreshing readings of volcanic proportions into Indian tradition.
Sophie needs a book on The Mother & Sri Aurobindo: a short and simple narration of their life and philosophy [TNM55] …
6 hours ago - @Iamsamirarora Once you wrote a piece in the MF Newsletter alluding to Bollywood in a literary style. Do you preserve it? Fond memories!

References: › News - TMC MP Professor Sugata Bose spoke eloquently on the topic of nationalism vs ... Prof Bose said, "It is, in Aurobindo's words, 'not an autocratic despotism but a ...

3. A most probable unstated and even unconscious influence on Dr Ambedkar could have been Sri Aurobindo. …

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