Monday, February 29, 2016

Sri Aurobindo is Emergence

Supramental Manifestation that happened on February 29, 1956 is another great gift of The Mother towards Life Divine …
Feb 28 Sri Aurobindo advocated World Union, a federation of free Nationalities and there is no reason why the same model can't be for Indian States.
Feb 28 Pygmies and puppets ruling the whole of India (under direct supervision of International mafia) from Lutyens' Delhi has become an absurdity.
Feb 28 The Constituent Assembly itself was a colonial legacy and today we must think our Republic anew in the TV, YouTube, Google, and Twitter age.
Feb 28 No aspect of our Constitution should be considered an inalienable holy cow except Democracy, the will of the people, as guiding principle.
Feb 28 Emotional connect of a person should be the underlying criteria for nationhood in the Internet era and not strict geographic considerations.
Feb 28 Politics in India till now has been to manage crowds and manipulate voters. Time now to treat people as citizens & trying to seek their will
Amod Lele brings in MacIntyre. 
Rod Hemsell speaks of Newman and Panikkar. 
Robert McDermott focuses on Steiner. 
Sri Aurobindo is Emergence.
7h7 hours ago @realitycheckind An advocate has the curious right to plead for both sides. So including some points of merit while critiquing would be nice
[To push Hindutva, you essentially have to kick the Indian Constitution in the face. ~Mitali Saran @mitalisaran] …
All those concerned about human future must examine this unique experiment [Auroville was born on 28 February 1968.] 
[Auroville: Pre-dawn bonfire, a special moment of meditation and communion - The Hindu] …

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