Saturday, February 27, 2016

Study of the past is only a stepping stone

Although Sri Aurobindo spoke against AIT, no hesitation in accepting if current scientific investigation favours it.
Without understanding role played by Sri Aurobindo, Lal-Bal-Pal project would be as an automobile with three wheels.
@neelabh_neelabh Have you ever felt that Advani is actually repenting for the role he played which is taking BJP to fundamentalist position?
Neither Indian nor Western philosophy gives a complete explanation of life and the world. Even Sri Aurobindian ontology has shortcomings.
Following a sound philosophy is a must for preventing fall. Those fed on Hindutva hubris should ideally exercise caution and show humility.
Study of the past is only a stepping stone for building the future. Unlike Indians, the Westerners never concede their philosophy as final.
Apart from the philosophy they wrote, The Mother & Sri Aurobindo set up an Ashram & Auroville so that life there weaves its own Evolution.
All those concerned about human future must examine this unique experiment [Auroville was born on 28 February 1968.]
"Integral Management" paper presentation plus visiting several lovely locations in the vicinity of Nitte, Karnataka.

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