Monday, February 22, 2016

Philosophy and devotion not devoid of the warrior role

Hardik Patel, Rohith Vemula, & Kanhaiya Kumar signify inconclusive scrutiny of Individual vs. Community philosophies Sri Aurobindo initiated.
JNU has a great hand in nation building but, unlike American academy, it hasn't paid due attention to native philosophers like Sri Aurobindo
Hardcore Marxist Professors in America publish brilliant studies on religion and society but JNU can hardly boast of similar work on India.
Criticising the policies of RSS, Congress or the Left should be done on their current profile and not how they had acted 40 to 50 years back.
Intellectual culture and practicing rationality in daily life is the only way to evolve as a society and not getting drawn into tribalism.
If you really love the country, read Sri Aurobindo's books, try to understand him and decide how to proceed in your life or whom to support.
Intense sense of nationalism, patriotism, and ethical severity expressed here on Twitter are mere indicators of self-interest. Nothing more!
Transformation of human nature is a long term goal and collaborating with the ongoing Evolutionary forces is what Sri Aurobindo calls for.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have been fashioning an independent line of philosophy for India's progress since they met in Puducherry in 1914.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are the best safeguards against the intellectual corruption forced through RSS, Congress, the Left and Ambedkar.
Learning the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and devotion to The Mother are core functions which trains for the warrior role of defending faith.
For Savitri Erans, philosophy and faith go together and it's such a blessing at a time when atheist and materialist movements are flourishing.
Some express displeasure at lack of practice on the part of devotees but the truth is nothing is better than faith, sincerity, and surrender.
When various political factions are out to spread conflict & unrest of different shades, Savitri Erans are firm in their faith & philosophy.
The high philosophy and intricate psychology of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo hold a very limited value; the extent to which one can live them.
Faith, on the contrary, helps to come out of the shackles of old religions and superstitions while holding out an alternative political path.
Pull of political power propels professing enormous intellectual dishonesty and the art of passing those off as highly honest and ethical.
That both the Marxists and the Mythologists are an utter failure in understanding how Sri Aurobindo imagines the future of India is so stark.
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