Thursday, July 19, 2007

All the theoretical ammunition

Many Indian citizens who value honesty and austerity vote for BJP out of a genuine sense of patriotism as they find no other alternative. But their noble sentiments get nullified because the Party runs on a xenophobic agenda and doesn't possess any broad vision.

We shall have to wean away such supports to the Savitri Era fold. Our masters have empowered us with all the theoretical ammunition and have promised assured fruition. We have just to walk upon that sunlit path without harboring any confusion. [TNM]

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  1. The high hopes generated by the BJP a decade back have certainly & quite definitely been dashed. The party seems to be drifting & is devoid of any coherent national vision or action. You are right when you say that many Indians who take pride in in honesty, austerity, Indian growth , power & resurgence would earlier vote for the BJP but have now been highly disillusioned & are looking for a fresh path of action. One point i would like to make in relation to the the BJP is that it has clearly abandoned the concept of Integral Humanism evolved by Pt.Deendayal Upadhyay in practise.Its singular pursuit for power has thrown it off-track & corrosion has set in. Values such as honesty, accountability, austerity are today laughed at by the political classes, but it is precisely these that millions are looking for from those who govern & it is these that they are denied at every step by most in the political spectrum & is not limited to one block. There are some who profess austerity in public but are totally the opposite in private & when running the party machinery by ill-gotten funds. Those who refused to compromise could not survive for long. That has to be decisively reversed.
    Yes, i believe there exists a space & one which is growing by the day, even if politicians, analyst & commentators & our all-pervading media refuse to acknowledge it, it is in this space that all who love India selflessly & honestly, wish to see her united, wish to see her take her rightful place, wish to see her grow in harmony & strength & to be cleansed & rid of the rot can themselves unite & work . It is this vision & action which has to be manifested now so that India can effectively & unitedly tackle all her various problems & threats both internal & external. Keeping in mind her ancient civilisational & spiritual values a line has to be evolved which can bond, weave & unite, there are too many pressing problems & grave dangers for us to attend to & it demands from us a cohesive programme & action. Sri Aurobindo provides this programme & Savitri Erans must start emerging to give shape to it implement it.
    Honesty & Austerity can be to start with the twin mantras for the demand of cleansing of Indian public life & the other issues can gradually follow.