Thursday, July 19, 2007

Allow people to pass diverse verdicts

Rev. V in his Vedic wisdom has ticked off my demand for tidbits as unyogic distraction. Considering what's good for the goose is good for the gander, I should have accepted his advice in silence, but for my self-conferred designation here.

Sri Aurobindo is an icon of national pride in India not only for his pioneering role in the Freedom Struggle but also as a world philosopher and poet. As a spiritual leader, his followers may be limited but his socio-political vision has far reaching relevance for India as well as the world.

In such a scenario, every bit of information concerning him, howsoever trivial, becomes utterly important for the students of history, hermeneutics, and sociology. All his writings, including those of his correspondents most of which are still unpublished, will be hunting ground for vivacious research and there would be many new outcomes still unanticipated. For instance, the sources of crystallization of his thoughts is one area that needs more definitive answers.

Obviously, all this cannot happen by relying upon a few in-house personnel or retainers. The door needs to be thrown open to the outside world to allow people to pass diverse verdicts. By not doing so we are certainly strangulating scholarship and curiosity. [TNM] [ 4:21 PM]

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