Monday, July 16, 2007

Savitri Erans must come out of their slumbers and contest the elections

The Leftist Octopus did not permit either Dr Karan Singh or Shivraj Patil to become the President of India, as they have shown their allegiance to our Vedic legacy in public. Now, it is out to foist a certified agnostic as the Vice-President of the country. This sort of squatting politics by a residual political force is an insult to the Indian democracy.

Savitri Erans must wake up to the dangers of such arm-twisting and organize themselves as a political entity. We have to come out of our slumbers and contest the elections so that our voice too is heard. There is no other short-cut in this route than we soil our feet. [TNM]

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  1. Tusarji,

    I wholeheartedly endorse your comment. The Leftists have twisted the meaning of secularism & have themselves created another genre of fundamentalism - i.e. secular fundamentalism. For them only a leftist can be secular. Dr.Karan Singh - who has worked for the last thirty years for inter-faith dialogue, who has a deep & abiding knowledge & faith in Indian Spirituality & culture was eminently suited to occupy the high office of head of state, he has been in public life for the last 59 years & his thesis - on Sri Aurobindo the finest ever on the subject has moved generations of youth & yet he was found not secular enough! Isn't this the height of duplicity & aren't we, the people, being taken for granted? Why are most of us silent on the issue? India has lost the best opportunity to have a remarkable President. Many more of us should answer your wake up call, lest we fall into a perpetual slumber.