Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lok Satta Party inaugurated in Hyderabad on Oct 15th, 2006

In Vinoba Bhave we find a link between Mahatma Gandhi and Sri Aurobindo. Like Bhoodan, Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan of the Lok Satta Party is also advocating “wealthy citizens must work for political transformation,” and “our wealthy entrepreneurs can fund education and healthcare etc.” [TNM]

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  1. Tusarji,Unlike many who think it to be dead, i believe that the concept of total revolution-sampurna kranti- can be reignited but with a deeper & more solid & resolute plan of action. But to bring this about in a positive spirit all those who are conscious & dissatified with the present state of things must come forward, among them especially those who hold control of resources, & begin supporting a movement that works for initially, accountability & transparency in public life. Vinoba Bhave had unique ideas for the upliftment of the nation but his vision, selflessnes, austerity & tapasya are totally absent from public life today.
    Dr.Jayaprakash, who has been working for quite a while now towards grassroots change & revamping the system is quite correct in his views of the wealthy working for political transformation, it is one of the major ways of energizing a movement for change.Any positive movement that aims at progress & positive change & restructuring of our national life must be supported & a constant appeal made to the people to come forward in a selfless & committed spirit & be part.
    I recall here Vinobaji visit to The Mother in July 1956:
    "When he went for an interview with the Mother & asked for her blessings, the Mother said, "You are doing your work perfectly well. So i have nothing to say."
    "Still i like to hear something."
    "Aspire for the Divine, work for the Divine." With these words the Mother gave him the flowers of blessings.
    Addressing his prayer meeting in words of fire Bhaveji laid great stress on the importance of Indian spirituality and added in a forceful tone that it was India's spirituality and culture that could make India great and raise her in the estimation of the world. For it was the spiritual knowlegde which could inspire people to rise above the petty material things and induce them to work for the noble cause of mankind."
    The Bhoodan movement created a massive stir, it demanded a self-exceeding of the small self, the rising above & collective offering for the national prosperity & well-being & harmonious growth. Any new movement of resurgence must demand the same from its participants for it is only then that its impact shall be longterm & deep.
    Meanwhile , we draw inspirations from Dr.Jayaprakash's herculean efforts at cleansing the Indian system of governance.