Sunday, July 22, 2007

Savitri Era Party

The stellar role played by Sri Aurobindo during the Surat Congress session held a century ago is a signal event in the history of the world. Despite all aggressive posturing, the call of Sri Aurobindo and other stalwarts like Lokmanya Tilak and Lala Lajpat Rai went unheeded and the Congress split. The chain of events thereafter led ultimately to the partition of the country, breeding wars and terrorism to this day. In between, tacit as well as open support was extended to the Nazis and the Communists.

None of the present political parties in India is willing to toe the ideals of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. So, perforce we launch the Savitri Era Party. On to the streets then! [TNM]

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  1. Tusarji, you have again stated quite boldly & openly the action needed in an area which has till date been largely left untouched by Savitri Erans. At every crucial phase in this nation's history from 1906 to 1950 Sri Aurobindo intervened & gave advise & direction for decisive action which if followed would have been benificial for the nation, a number of examples come to mind namely Cripps proposal, opposing the award of communal electorate at Lucknow in 1916, Cabinet Mission Plan etc. Our national leaders did not understand or refused to follow or pay heed & thus allowed events to veer off control & bring about further complexities. Many realised this later, K.M.Munshi is on record to have said that had they then listened to Sri Aurobindo there would have been no partition, no Kashmir problem etc.
    None of the present political party today are willing to look upto the ideals of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother because it requires a great degree of out of box thinking which they are unwilling/incapable of doing because of their deep vested entrenchments. A new nationalism has to be developed based on Sri Aurobindo's indications & policies must be evolved on every present national/ international issues - education, security, foreign affairs, finance, industry, terrorism,SAARC etc. A Savitri Era party is a necessity which must begin to effectively give an alternative direction. Savitri Erans have to unite on this issue, leaving aside scepticism, uncertainty, doubt & despair. Sri Aurobindo's Vision of India should start to be realised...