Sunday, July 08, 2007

The quest of the West

[from Obla Vishvesh to date 07-Jul-2007 22:16 subject An enquiry about an article from your blogsite Dear Mr. Tusar,

I stumbled upon your blogsite today. I found that there was an article 'Aurobindo's sense of the West' by one Mr. M.S. Ramesh. He was a friend of mine and I was curious to read his article but the hyperlink doesnt lead to the article but elswhere. It was posted on March 11, 2006. Will you please correct the hyperlink or send me the article ? Thank You. Regards, vishvesh]
from Tusar N. Mohapatra tusarnmohapatra@gmail date 08-Jul-2007 08:57 The article was published in Sri Aurobindo's Action and I had typed out a portion of it to post. So, I don't think it is available online. You should also read Moore's critique in Integral Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo . What are your interests by the way. May be I would be inclined to post. Thanks.

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