Tuesday, April 28, 2009

90-95% of the population is neurotic

[97 pc of emails are spam: Microsoft ABC Online - Thu Apr 9, 2009 Frustrating facts about e-mail in Microsoft security report Seattle Post Intelligencer - ‎Apr 8, 2009‎. Spam overwhelms e-mail messages BBC News
The computer giant Microsoft says 97 per cent of all emails sent in the world are unwanted spam. This includes unsolicited advertisements for products like medicines as well as emails that contain viruses. Microsoft says the rise in spam is due to a trend by criminal groups to target people's emails rather than exploiting vulnerabilities in computer software. -BBC]

[Neurosis is the norm. A few per cent of the population is psychotic or borderline, and 90-95% of the population is neurotic. -Brant Cortright, Integral psychotherapy as existential Vedanta (Infinity Foundation Lecture on Sri Aurobindo’s Work), Consciousness and Its Transformation, Cornelissen, Matthijs (Ed.) (2001) home]

In a similar vein, it may be surmised that 97 per cent of life is sheer stupidity, and the rest is distraction. [TNM]

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